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Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Sandwich


Two chocolate chip cookies stacked together filled with whipped cream

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Sugar Free Canoli


An Italian dessert shaped into a tube-shaped form that is filled with a sweet and creamy ricotta cheese filling with sugar-free chocolate chips, toasted almonds, and orange zest, later covered with chocolate.

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Sugar Free German Chocolate Cake


Similar to the Chocolate Lovers, this is a layered chocolate cake that is topped with a delicious coconut filling and chocolate buttercream frosting

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Sugar Free Tiramisu


An Italian dessert that is stacked with vanilla sponge cake layered with tiramisu cream, espresso, and cocoa powder.

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Sugar Free Fudge Brownie


A fudgy and chocolatey taste with chocolate ganache frosting.

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Sugar Free Creme Brulee


A rich & creamy custard and top with caramel sauce. Gluten-free.

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Sugar-Free Chocolate Eclair


A dessert made from choux dough filled with a creamy custard that is coated with chocolate.

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